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Aluminum-Power's Fuel Cell Featured in Scientific American Report
Aluminum-air battery has 75 times more energy density compared to lithium or cadnium batteries. - 12-Dec-2000

IdaTech and Tokyo Boeki Join to Manufacture and Market Fuel Cells In Japan
Companies see market for small-scale, 10kW and under, stationary and portable fuel cell applications in Japan. - 12-Dec-2000

PolyStor Produces the World's First Commercially Available Curved Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
Curved battery will enable new space-saving, aerodynamic applications. - 12-Dec-2000

Investors Warm to Climate Change Theme
Investors starting to think about best investment opportunities because of climate change. - 13-Dec-2000

Solar Power Seeks a Place in the Sun
Solar electricity has three problems,only available during the day,panels are expensive and areas where it's needed are poor. - 13-Dec-2000

The Pew Center: Warming May Pose Risks to Human Health
Elderly, infirmed and poor most likely to be impacted by climate change caused by global warming. - 13-Dec-2000

The Pew Center: Climate Change Could Cause Major Changes in U.S. Ecosystems
Pew Center on Climate Change-commissioned study sees trouble ahead for ecosystems caused by global warming. - 13-Dec-2000

Catamount Investment Company Acquires German Windfarms
Independent power subsidiary of Central Vermont Public Service acquires two German windfarms. - 13-Dec-2000

California Secures Power But Trouble Still Looms
US DOE Secretary Bill Richardson orders power diverted from federal hydroelectric dams to prevent grid collapse. Measures viewed as temporary bandaids only. - 13-Dec-2000

Evercel Announces New Electric Scooter Initiative in Asia
Flying Electric Motor Co., Ltd. orders 400 of Evercel's nickel-zinc batteries valued at approximately $50,000 with projected 2001 demand for an additional 20,000 Evercel batteries valued at approximately $2,000,000. - 14-Dec-2000