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Proposal Undercuts Electric Car
CARB Staff proposal would cut battery EVs from 22,500 by 2003 to just over 4,000 by allowing carmakers to use other advanced technologies. - 09-Dec-2000

Battery-powered Vehicles Hit a Bump in California
New CARB staff guidelines submitted Friday had dramatically cut the number of battery-powered "zero emissions vehicles", or ZEVs, the state will mandate on its roads in coming years. - 09-Dec-2000

Californians Turn Off Their Christmas Lights As Energy Crisis Worsens
State experiences first rolling electricity blackout in history as utilities scramble to find more power for system pushed to its capacity limit. - 10-Dec-2000

U.N. Talks Clinch Text for Toxic Chemical Treaty
The agreement to immediately ban 12 persistent organic pollutents represents a major victory for environmental diplomacy after the collapse of recent talks on curbing global warming. - 10-Dec-2000

Residential Fuel Cells Almost Here
Distributed generation using residential scale fuel cells nearing commercialization but they won't be cheaper than central generation. - 10-Dec-2000

Medis Technologies Launches New Web Site
Company developing Direct Liquid Methanol fuel cell. - 11-Dec-2000

IMPCO Eastern Europe Partnership To Develop Alternative Fuel and Vehicles
Partnership to build 400 propane fueling stations, as well as vehicle conversion stations in Russia. - 11-Dec-2000

Credit Suisse First Boston Cuts Ballard To Buy
Possible CARB decision on ZEV mandate impacts Ballard rating from strong buy to buy. - 11-Dec-2000

FuelCell Energy Live Webcast
Webcast scheduled for December 14th at 4:30 PM Eastern time. - 11-Dec-2000

Millennium Cell Signs Letter of Intent With Rohm and Haas Corp.
Hydrogen On Demand innovator to work with borohydride supplier to improve efficiency of system for fuel cells. - 12-Dec-2000