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Hyundai Santa Fe Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Unveiled At California Fuel Cell Partnership Facility Grand Opening
Multi-company partnership unveil Hyundai Santa Fe fuel cell SUV. - 01-Nov-2000

Inside Track-Fuel cell investment boom echoes Web heyday
Global warming was blamed for northern Europe's storms and floods this week and a growing section of the investment community is not arguing. - 01-Nov-2000

DaimlerChrysler Initiates Fuel Cell Trials at a New Test Center in California
Company joins other manufacturers in testing fuel cell vehicles in California. - 01-Nov-2000

GM Demonstrates Two Fuel Cell Vehicles
GM shows Zafira-based fuel cell compact van and early Electrovan at inauguration of California Fuel Cell Partnership center. - 01-Nov-2000

Volkswagen Unveils Its First Fuel-Cell Car At the Grand Opening of the California Fuel Cell Partnership
Germany automaker unveils its first fuel cell-powered Jetta at inaugural event of California Fuel Cell Partnership. - 01-Nov-2000

Climate Change Poses New Challenges for EU-Report
Global warming expected to mean increased flooding in northern Europe and desertification in southern Europe. - 01-Nov-2000

Nissan Unveils Concept SUV at California Fuel Cell Partnership Grand Opening
Company developing direct hydrogen fuel cell vehicle based on Xterra SUV. - 01-Nov-2000

Ballard Fuel Cells Power Majority of Prototypes
Eleven of the 14 vehicles demonstrated at Grand Opening of California Fuell Cell Partnership powered by Ballard fuel cells. - 02-Nov-2000

New Matsushita Battery Doubles Electric Bicycle Range
New bike has range of 110km. - 03-Nov-2000

Biodiesel Replaces Fossil Fuel on ARS Farms
US Ag Research Service to use biodiesel to power facilities in Beltsville, Md. - 03-Nov-2000