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Automakers Call for Consumer Test for Electric Vehicles
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturer's proposed Fair Market Test would provide a mix of full-function electric vehicles for sale or lease to determine sustainability of EV market. - 07-Dec-2000

Manhattan Scientifics Announces Joint Development Of Fuel Cell Bicycle With Leading Italian Company
The fuel cell uses hydrogen supplied from a two liter pressurized tank to provide 670 watts of power to the bicycle drive motor at ambient pressure, with minimum ancillary equipment. This is sufficient to give it a range of 70-100 km with one fill - 07-Dec-2000

Clean Coal In The 21st Century?
56% of all electricity in US is produced by burning coal followed by nuclear 20% and natural gas 15%, says US DOE. - 07-Dec-2000

Episcopal Power and Light Program Signs Up First Churches in San Diego to Use Cleaner Electricity From Green Mountain Energy Company
Two San Diego County churches become first to switch to renewable energy as response to concerns over global warming. - 07-Dec-2000

Ottawa Global Warming Talks End Without Deal
While there is agreement to continue to move forward, there is little chance of ministerial level talks before Christmas. - 07-Dec-2000

Goodbye La Nina, Hello Polar Pig.
Short term weather extremes not indication of global warming. - 07-Dec-2000

Energy Ventures Inc. Forms R&D Collaboration For Fuel Cell Program
Program is to maximize the utilization of noble metal catalyst and further improve the performance of EVI's Direct Methanol Fuel Cell ("DMFC"). - 07-Dec-2000

China More Fertile Ground For EVs
Mass production of cheap gasoline cars in US makes it hard for manufacturers to shift to EV production, says Chinese engineer who sees EV market in China more adaptable. - 08-Dec-2000

U.S. Says Progress on Climate Talks Depends on EU
Senior US negotiators remain skeptical but hopeful agreement can be reached on role of carbon sinks in CO2 emissions control. - 08-Dec-2000

Speech Recognition Problems Delay Multimedia Systems in Autos
Critical to addressing potential driver distraction issues, speech recognition problems force delays at Ford, GM and others. - 08-Dec-2000