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Canada Hosts Hasty Effort to Salvage Climate-change Negotiations
Parties hope to revive collapsed negotiations. - 05-Dec-2000

PanCanadian's Capstone MicroTurbine MultiPac Surpasses 6000 Hours of Non-Stop Operation; Using Flare Gas as Fuel, Six MicroTurbines Providing Prime Power at Remote Oilfield
Operating hours for the Capstone MicroTurbine(TM) systems in this 3-pack housing each have exceeded 6,000 hours at maximum output with 100 percent availability. - 05-Dec-2000

UN Environment Chief Urges Shift To Low-Carbon Fuels
Creating a world less dependent on carbon-intensive fossil fuels for its energy supplies considered one of the greatest challenges facing world this century. - 06-Dec-2000

IMPCO Automotive OEM And Fuel Cell Division Posts 23% Revenue Gain
Company invested record $27.4 million in automotive fuel cell technology research and development. - 06-Dec-2000

Siemens Westinghouse to Build SOFC for RWE Power AG
Systems will offer electrical efficiencies approaching 60% and will be used as all electric applications supplying electricity to the utility grid. - 06-Dec-2000

EU, U.S. Meet in Bid to Salvage Global Warming Pact
Environmentalists urging Europe to be tough in negotiations. - 06-Dec-2000

Texas Officials Approve Smog Reduction Plan For Houston
Plan calls for 55 mph speed limits and deep emission cuts by industry. - 07-Dec-2000

CO2 Not Chief Cause of Global Warming Says Canadian Researcher
Other factors including fluctuations of solar output may be principle cause. - 07-Dec-2000

EPA Recognizes GM Facility For Achieving Environmental Goals In Pontiac, Mich.
General Motors Truck Product Center in Pontiac, Michigan became 500th high priority facility to meet two environmental goals under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action program. - 07-Dec-2000

Going Nuts for a Hydrogen-Fuelled Future
Gasification process could generate enough hydrogen from hazelnut shells to power 1,000 BMW hydrogen-powered sedans over 30,000km a year. - 07-Dec-2000