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Honda and Celanese Sign Agreement to Improve Automotive Fuel Cell Systems
Agreement seeks to improve the performance and reduce the costs of automotive fuel cells and component membranes. - 04-Dec-2000

Design Competition Announced For Innovative Bus of the Future
WestStart and 17 Bus Rapid Transit communities sponsor competition worth $100,000 in monetary and non-monetary awards. - 04-Dec-2000

Lead-Acid Battery Manufacturers Preparing For the Future of Automotive Technology
Battery Council International sees lead-acid batteries as providing new 42-Volt automotive architecture with affordable, proven technology. - 04-Dec-2000

EU, U.S. to Meet to Try to Salvage Climate Deal
Top government officials from the United States and the European Union meet in Canada on Wednesday to try to salvage a deal on curbing global warming. - 04-Dec-2000

US Navy To Use HTS Motors For Electric Ship Propulsion
HTS electric ship motors will make possible radical new ship designs, as well as more efficient, quieter ships. - 05-Dec-2000

Advanced High-Capacity Materials for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Company to explore use of tin-based anodes for new class or rechargeable lithium batteries. - 05-Dec-2000

Bike Riders in Singapore Reluctant to Invest in E-Bicycles
Problems with safe, convenient storage, theft and cost cause many in Singapore to resist purchasing electric bicycles. - 05-Dec-2000

Millennium Cell to Host Investor Briefing Teleconference
Investment riefing on Tuesday, December 12 in New York. - 05-Dec-2000

Delphi Industry Experts Present 42-Volt Systems Solutions At Power Electronics in Transportation Workshop
Two-day workshop set for Dec. 5-6 in Novi, Michigan. - 05-Dec-2000

UOP to Offer Fuel Processor Technology on Non-Exclusive Basis
Firm's fuel processor is designed to convert either propane or natural gas into hydrogen-rich feed for stationary fuel cell applications. - 05-Dec-2000