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Hybrid EVs Viewed From Down-Under
Correspondent finds both the Insight and Prius 'a hoot to drive' and certainly the wave of the future. - 01-Dec-2000

Weight-loss Polymer Finds Use in Advanced Lithium Battery
University of Malaya experimenting with Chitosan polymer in Lithium battery research - 01-Dec-2000

Florida Couple Developing & Promoting Electric Bicycles
Jeff Patterson is the inventor of an electric bicycle sets up Patter Electric bicycle company. - 01-Dec-2000

Corning to Acquire NoTox; Manufacturer of Silicon Carbide Diesel Filters
Acquisition accelerates Corning's commitment to supply a comprehensive range of advanced diesel particulate filters to the automobile, truck and bus markets worldwide. - 01-Dec-2000

Coleman Powermate Dedicates New Engineering Testing Center
Kearney,Nebraska facility to test Ballard fuel cells. - 01-Dec-2000

New Report Shows - Diesel Power Key to Success of U.S. Economy
New clean diesel power is a technology of the future as much as computerization, the digital age, and fiber optics and it will continue to have a major impact on the U.S. and global economy." - 01-Dec-2000

Children's Environmental Health Protection Program
CARB selects six communities to study health impact of auto, industry and marine emissions. - 01-Dec-2000

Clinton Seeks Climate Deal This Year
US President encouraging the resumption of climate change talks and deal before end of term. - 01-Dec-2000

Capstone Wins Most Innovative Commercial Technology Development Award
Company earns Financial Times Energy Global Award. - 02-Dec-2000

GreenVolt Power to Unveil First Commercial Alkaline Fuel Cell Unit
Canadian firm expects to have commercial units in production 3rd quarter of 2001 for deployment as uninterrupted power supplies. - 04-Dec-2000