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Low -Speed EVs Finding California Niche
Electric golf carts becoming - 29-Nov-2000

California Regulators Blinked Not Once, But Twice
Overview of current state of environmental vehicle development. - 29-Nov-2000

Metallic Power Demonstrates New Prototype Zinc/Air Fuel Cell
New 1kW unit is 30 percent smaller and designed to operate power tools and landscaping equipment. - 29-Nov-2000

Astris Energi's Progress in Alkaline Fuel Cells Featured in Scientific American Report
Company developing small, residential-sized fuel cells. - 29-Nov-2000

Interview With Electric Fuel CEO Yehuda Harats on CEOcast.com
Company CEO expects 3 times revenue growth in 4th Quarter. - 29-Nov-2000

Fuel Cell Investor Conference Scheduled For March 20-21, 2001
Conference to feature leading fuel cell developers. - 29-Nov-2000

Active Power Flywheel Technology Selected to Protect Advanced Data Center
Flywheel developer receives $1 million order for 36 240kW units. - 30-Nov-2000

Emissions Trade Booming Despite Hague Failure
Energy brokerage firm sees emissions trading as cheapest way for industry to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. - 30-Nov-2000

SDI Positions to Take Advantage of Alternative Energy Programs
Firm looks to take advantage of both US and Canadian government incentives to continue development of renewable energy technologies. - 30-Nov-2000

Religious Leaders From Across NJ Announce Formation of 'Interfaith Energy Alliance'
Inter-denominational alliance to encourage congregations to make committment to the environment as God's creation, and economics as a tool of justice and healing. - 30-Nov-2000