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Australian-developed Hybrid-electric Engine Progress Report
European tour yields both interest and disappointments as CMC Power Systems lines up two European car makers to buy test versions of its hybrid-electric engine. - 25-Nov-2000

Finger Pointing Begins As French Minister Blames UK For Climate Failure
Environment minister says UK willing to concede too much to America. Talks could resume before scheduled May meeting in Bonn. - 26-Nov-2000

Climate Pact Fiasco Leaves Business Awaiting Rules
Failure of U.N. climate talks has dashed business hopes for clear rules over potentially lucrative technology transfer to the developing world and the emerging market of trading greenhouse gas emissions. - 26-Nov-2000

Firm Hopes Drivers Willing to Pay to Offset Own Greenhouse-Gas Emissions
Climate Partners hopes Canadian drivers will help fund greenhouse gas reduction projects by donating $10 per ton of CO2 emitted by their personal vehicles. - 26-Nov-2000

Climate Change to Hit Low-Income, Minority Communities Hardest
Global warming caused heat deaths, infectious diseases, respiratory illnesses and economic dislocations will first harm low-income people and communities of color says Redefining Progress. - 27-Nov-2000

Companies To Share Hydrogen Separator Technology
System hopes to economically extract hydrogen from water. - 27-Nov-2000

Unique Mobility's Power Electronics Onboard World's Fastest Automated Howitzer
Company provides controls for artillery subsystem. - 27-Nov-2000

Key Capital Licenses Fast Charge Technology In Taiwan
Technology makes possible ultra-fast, non-destructive charging of electric vehicles and automotive batteries. - 27-Nov-2000

Grant of US Patent Lifts Stuart Energy Systems Shares
Toronto-based company also in a joint venture with Hong Kong billionaire Li ki-shing's Cheung Kong Infrastructure. - 27-Nov-2000

Methanex and Mitsubishi to Promote Methanol Fuel Cell Vehicles in Japan
Vancouver-based Methanex, the world's largest producer and marketer of methanol, expects Japan to become one of the first countries to widely introduce automotive fuel cells. - 27-Nov-2000