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Activists Say U.S., Others Plotting Climate Scam
Environmentalist accuse US and others of fraud by proposing measures which do nothing to slow man-made greenhouse gas emissions. - 23-Nov-2000

B.C. Fuel Efficiency Campaign Ponders Taxes, Tolls to Aid Environment
BC Financial Minister releases government document examining taxes on large gas-guzzling vehicles and road tolls on major thoroughfares as ways to cut harmful vehicle emissions in British Columbia. - 23-Nov-2000

EU, Greens Slam Attempt at Climate Compromise
Compromise would allow credits for reduced areas forest and farmland carbon sinks but preclude the claiming of credits for nuclear power in developing countries. - 23-Nov-2000

Capstone To Deliver 1,000th Microturbine
Company to hold celebration at Chatsworth, California headquarters. Turbine will be part of power quality array at Goose Island Beer Co., Chicago, Illinois. - 24-Nov-2000

Top UN Climate Scientist Worried by Forests Plan
World Bank senior scientists expressed concerns over US plan to allow credits for use of forests and farmlands as carbon sinks/ - 24-Nov-2000

Innovative Electric Kayak Takes to the Water
Missouri firms 17-long Fire Fly can cruise 10 hours at 4.5 knots with two 12-Volt marine batteries. Motor and prop stow in vessel's hull. - 24-Nov-2000

UN Climate Talks Fail Amid EU, US Deadlock
Further talks on climate action now put off until May, 2001 as environmentalists blast US plan as "fraudulent" and a victory for polluters. - 25-Nov-2000

National Environmental Trust President On Climate Treaty Stalemate
Statement of Philip E. Clapp, President, National Environmental Trust - 25-Nov-2000

Outrage Greets U.S.-EU Failure to Cut Climate Deal
International community pour scorn on gas-guzzling US and European Union for not reaching agreement on control mechanisms. - 25-Nov-2000

Esarati Sitting in Saddle of an Emotorbike Revolution
Seattle-based electric motorbike maker branches out to open manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom for export to Europe. - 25-Nov-2000