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U.S. Firms Worried Climate Talks Could Limit Options
Firms worry tough negotiations at Hague conference would tighten restrictions in the way they deal with pollution. - 21-Nov-2000

Valence To Buy Lith-ion Polymer Technology.
Valence plans to transform itself into a licenser lithium ion polymer technology to battery manufacturers worldwide - 22-Nov-2000

Ford Electric Ka Demonstrates New Battery Technology
Prototype car uses water-cooled, dedicated soft lithium ion batteries giving car 150km range. - 22-Nov-2000

Deputy PM Proposes Sudsidy For EV Purchases in UK
Prescott announces plan to let motors claim subsidy for converting cars to natural gas or buy new electric vehicles. - 22-Nov-2000

Stuart Energy Enters California Fuel Cell Partnership
Hydrogen generation and supply systems maker accepts an invitation to be an Associate Member. - 22-Nov-2000

UN Expert: Apathy on Climate Risks Turmoil, Hunger
Top U.N. scientist says Delaying the fight against global warming will bequeath an even tougher battle to future generations and risks chaotic and devastating climate change longer-term. - 22-Nov-2000

Anger at U.S. Boils Over at Climate Talks
Chief US negotiator hits in face with custard pie by protestors. - 22-Nov-2000

Plug Power Shares Slip Below Offering Price
Company beleaguered by law suit and expected losses through 2004. - 22-Nov-2000

Climate Talks May Be Moot Amid Green Power Advances
Development of "green technologies" helping slow C02 emissions as businesses see green in being "green." - 22-Nov-2000

U.N. Climate Talks Logjammed As Poor Nations Fume
US position on carbon sinks viewed as chief obstacle to climate control agreement. - 23-Nov-2000