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US Offers Plan to Break Deadlock in Climate Talks
US counter-proposal would reduce amount of forest and agricultural lands counted as carbon sinks. - 20-Nov-2000

Nissan Sentra CA Receives California Environmental Protection Agency Award
Sentra GXE model recognized as world's cleanest gasoline-powered car, qualifying for partial ZEV-credits in California. - 21-Nov-2000

Active Power Started As Buy
Flywheel developer targeted at $29 share. - 21-Nov-2000

Starcell Plasma Technology Produces Hydrogen Fuel From Waste
Technology can produce enough hydrogen from household waste to power fuel cell car. - 21-Nov-2000

Poorer Nations Say They're Ignored at Climate Talks
The world's developing nations complained Tuesday that their fears about global warming were being sidelined at international climate change talks.

H Power CEO Talks About Company
Frank Gibbard says he hopes he can distinguish H Power by proving slow and steady can win the fuel cell race. - 21-Nov-2000

Global Warming Seen Doubling Heat Deaths by 2020
The death toll from heat waves in those big U.S. cities is expected to balloon to 3,000 to 4,000 by 2020. - 21-Nov-2000

FuelCell Energy Increases Common Shares
Company positioning itself for future growth, stock splits, acquisitions. - 21-Nov-2000

Saudi Arabia Speaks Out Against Environmental Pact
Saudi energy minister says OPEC countries stood to suffer income losses in excess of $60 billion annually by the year 2010 if Kyoto accords enforced. - 21-Nov-2000

Nasdaq Opens Boutique Exchange in Montreal
Tech-heavy exchange hopes to attract Canadian investors and high tech companies. - 21-Nov-2000