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BP & Ford Fund Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Study
$15 million grant given Princeton University for 10 year study. - 31-Oct-2000

Ford: Focus To Be Base of Fuel Cell
The first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle from Ford Motor Co. will be available in 2004 and based on Focus. - 31-Oct-2000

Fuel-cell Commercialization Pushed Ballard Into Red
Ballar loses C$5.7 million in quarter ending September 30. - 31-Oct-2000

Fuel Cell Developer Dais-Analytic Selected By Red Herring To Represent 'Top Ten Trend'
Dias-Analytic to participate in Red Herring magazine Top Ten Technology Trends at NDA 2000. - 31-Oct-2000

California Fuel Cell Partnership Opens Its Doors November 1
World's largest assembly of fuel cell-powered vehicles to be featured at ribbon cutting. - 31-Oct-2000

Honda Insight Impresses Press
Mega-Miles to the Gallon Some of The First Gas-Electric Hybrid Cars Are Scooting Around Guilford County, Flaunting Their Amazing Gas Maleage. - 31-Oct-2000

Texaco and Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. Form Hydrogen Storage Joint Venture
Abstract - 31-Oct-2000

Michelin NA Announces Plans for Major Environmental Vehicle Event and Conference
Michelin and SEMA plan conference in October 2001 to demonstrate advanced in alternative fuel vehicles. - 31-Oct-2000

Via-Tek and Electric Auto Corp Join Forces to Power the 21St Century
Companies to discuss use of Via-Tek hydrogen gas generator in alkaline fuel cell. - 01-Nov-2000

Nissan Honored by U.S. EPA for Second Consecutive Year
US EPA recognizes Nissan's environmental leadership for second year in a row. - 01-Nov-2000