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Energy Dept. Unveils Winning Design for Solar Wall
US Department of Energy to install world's largest solar electric wall. - 24-Oct-2000

Honda Purchases Interest in FuelMaker, Manufacturer of Natural Gas Refueling Systems
American Honda Motor Co., Inc., which markets the Civic GX natural gas vehicle, has purchased a 20 percent interest in FuelMaker Corporation - 24-Oct-2000

Automakers Call on CARB to Explain How Electric Car Mandate Will Work
The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers today called on the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to explain how it would make a reality of its dream that 10 percent of new cars sold in the state by 2003 be Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs). - 24-Oct-2000

Corn Grower President Dittrich Tells Congress to Move on Renewable Fuels And Ethanol
American Corn Growers Association calls on Congress to promote the use of ethanol as way to reduce corn surplus, clean the air and help struggling farmers. - 25-Oct-2000

Auto Industry Rushing on High-Tech
Car companies are rushing to integrate high tech "gadgets" into their vehicles lines from GPS navigation to the Internet. - 25-Oct-2000

iQ Power To Showcase Smart Energy Management at Discovery Expo in New York, October 23
German firm introduces micro electronics to monitor battery conditions for automotive battery systems. - 25-Oct-2000

GM's Precept Hits Fuel Economy Goal
GM Executive tells Environmental Journalists that GM's Precept hybrid-electric hit PNGV's goal of 80 mpg. - 25-Oct-2000

Cheney Discusses Alternative Fuel
Republican VP Candidate gets briefed on fuel cell technology and calls it "tremendous development." - 25-Oct-2000

Coming Soon: The Day of Reckoning
Author argues that forecasts of oil shortages in the coming decades should serve as catalyst for development of more energy efficient vehicles in Australia. - 25-Oct-2000

Ballard Delivers 250-kilowatt Stationary Fuel Cell Generator To NTT
Ballard delivers its fourth 250kW stationary fuel cell generator to Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. - 26-Oct-2000