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July 4th: Day of Global Inter-Dependence
As Americans celebrate their Independence Day on the wrong day, it turns out, the Network of Spiritual Progressives proposes establishing it as 'Inter-Dependence Day.' - 04-Jul-2012

When Is An E-Bike Not An E-Bike?
The recently passed Senate amendment authorizing a $2,500 tax deduction only applies to highway-capable electric motorcycles. It shouldn't. - 14-Aug-2012

$3000 Hybrid Aftermarket Kit?
Will we really be able to convert conventional cars to hybrids for just $3,000? Just the battery costs alone make it doubtful. - 18-Aug-2012

Big Cars, Suburbia and the Strawberry Jam Error
Sometimes we can over-think a decision and end up making choices we later regret from strawberry jam to five-bedroom homes - 22-Aug-2012

Neil Armstrong v. John Galt
A modest American hero has just passed away, leaving behind an immortal legacy built by the collective efforts of the American people. - 26-Aug-2012

Biting the Hand That Feeds Me?
Capitalism isn't all bad, it just needs to get a heart, a soul, and find its groove. - 16-Sep-2012

The CBO's $7.5 Billion Brouhaha
Spending $7.5 billion on electric car tax credits and loans is a lot of money that some people think is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, but let's put it into perspective. - 24-Sep-2012

Oil Spill? Pass It On
The U.S. Coast Guard practiced cleaning up an simulated oil spill in the Arctic Sea off the Alaskan coast this summer, contending with ice flows and virtually no support infrastructure for thousands of miles. - 29-Sep-2012

When Is a Bicycle Not A Bicycle?
The answer to this question needs to be resolved and a common consensus agreed to because a new breed to bicycle is sweeping the planet. - 03-Oct-2012

Pardon Me While I SCREAM!!!!
Politics and punditry are driving me to distraction and swearing at the television with the vigor of a sailor. - 22-Oct-2012