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Fox News 'Flip Flops' on Chevy Volt
Fox News' Steve Doocy not only interviews a conservative advocate for the Chevy Volt on 'Fox & Friends' but also test drives the car and... shocker... likes it! - 26-Mar-2012

Where's a Good Cop Car When You Need One?
Here's a wish list of wants and nice-to-haves in a future electric hybrid police cruiser. - 03-Apr-2012

What's the TRUE Cost of Your ICE Age Automobile?
It could take many, many years for electric car and hybrid owners to see a return on their investment (ROI), contends a new report for the New York Times. - 08-Apr-2012

Why People Don't Buy Hybrids Again
R.L. Polks says a lot of first time hybrid buyers aren't repurchasing hybrids as their next car, but is that the whole story? - 10-Apr-2012

We Love Our Electric Car
It's time to counter all the negative stories about electric-drive vehicles with real world accounts from the people who own and drive them. - 22-Apr-2012

Robbing Planet's Fort Knox to Power the Fleet
When the U.S. Secretary of the Navy wanted to buy 450,000 gallons of biofuel for a two-day naval exercise, politics torpedoed it before the fleet left port. - 21-May-2012

Solar Impulse Crosses Straits of Gibraltar and Into History
At about 9:30 AM U.S. Central Time, the solar-powered, four-engined airplane crossed the narrow stretch of ocean that separates Europe from North Africa on historic flight. - 05-Jun-2012

iPhones and Electric Cars
Apple iPhones and electric cars have something in common besides their dependence on batteries: up-front costs. - 10-Jun-2012

Hybrids Dominate 2012 Le Mans 24 Hour Race
From the outset, Audi e-tron hybrids were the cars to beat during the 80th running of 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. - 18-Jun-2012

The Blick Scandal
The Swiss tabloid 'Blick' tries to paint an unflattering picture of Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg's efforts to fly around the world in a solar-powered airplane. - 23-Jun-2012