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Falling U.S. Carbon Emissions & EVs
U.S. carbon emissions have fallen 7 % in the last four years, initially because of the economic downturn, but now new forces are coming into play that will drive global warming gas emissions down even more. - 03-Nov-2011

Hearing 'The Hum'
It's heard by up to 10 percent of the population, but no one seems to know what it is or where it comes from. - 03-Nov-2011

Planning Your Thanksgiving Trip By EV
Here's some advice for those fortunate owners of new electric cars who'll be driving them to feast with relatives this Thanksgiving. - 15-Nov-2011

Burning Volts and B-29s
GM engineers need to quickly resolve any outstanding safety issues with the Volt's battery pack, but setbacks like this are nothing new when rolling out groundbreaking cars or cutting edge bombers. - 22-Nov-2011

The A-to-Z of Going Broke Building EVs
Aptera is only the latest casualty in the race to capture a share of the re-emerging electric car market. - 06-Dec-2011

The Volt Fires You Never Heard About
NHTSA wasn't the only group crash testing Chevrolet Volts, so was the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Why haven't we heard about their fires? - 29-Dec-2011

Why Oil and Fish Don't Mix
When you combine hydroponics and aquaculture, amazing things start to happen; just be sure you don't add oil. - 30-Dec-2011