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Jevons' Paradox and Social Force Multipliers
The paradox of improving energy efficiency is that it leads to more energy use, so maybe it's time to consider introducing 'social force multipliers.' - 05-Sep-2011

Revenge: Zombie Thriller or Second Coming?
Chris Paine's "Revenge of the Electric Car" picks up the story where his documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" left off. - 12-Sep-2011

Lunch at Buck's
Where deals are cut, history is made, and the world changed between noon and 2 pm. - 18-Sep-2011

EVs: Not Just Bad Idea, They Are 'Extraordinarily' Bad Idea
Forbes' contributing writer Louis Woodhill thinks they are, and Plug In America co-founder and LEAF driver Paul Scott offers his rebuttal. - 20-Sep-2011

Apollo and the Electric Car
Where would America be today had it not invested in the Apollo moon program; and where will it be in 2020 if we don't invest in electric cars? - 21-Sep-2011

Time to Drive Stake Through Heart of the Status Quo
John Petersen loves to play the devil's advocate when it comes to dismissing the potential of electric vehicles, but maybe it's time he consider another possibility: taking on the status quo. - 29-Sep-2011

The Much Needed Rehabilitation of Capitalism
Spreading #Occupywallstreet movement highlights the urgent need for society to rein in 'predatory capitalism' and replace it with 'participatory capitalism.' - 11-Oct-2011

Electric Cars Are NOT A Government Program
Russ Harding at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy thinks the government's investment in electric cars is just another ill-conceived program doomed to fail. - 11-Oct-2011

The Five 'Angles' of EV Journalism
There are different ways you can write about electric vehicles, and we've all employed them to some degree. - 18-Oct-2011

Blame It On Columbus
As improbable as it may sound, the centuries-long cooling referred to as the 'Little Ice Age' may have been caused by continent-wide pandemics brought to the New World by Europeans in the 16th century. - 22-Oct-2011