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Creating a New EV Paradigm
Here's how we can start thinking differently about the future role of electric vehicles, one that will blow you away! - 18-Jul-2011

Electric Carmegeddon?
In the last six months GM and Nissan together have delivered fewer than 10,000 electric-drive cars. Should we be worried? - 19-Jul-2011

Is 56 MPG a Bridge Too Far?
USA Today's editors think a CAFE standard of 56.2 mpg by 2025 may not be advisable, but the technology exists to do easily achieve 70 mpg today. - 21-Jul-2011

Top Gear Gets Caught By CarWings
When Top Gear, the popular BBC television series, tried to stage another failed electric car drive, Nissan's CarWings caught them in the act. - 02-Aug-2011

Tomorrow's Energy: Will It Be Hot or Cold?
Could the energy of a cleaner, greener world rest on technology requiring processes at a billion degrees or room temperature? - 10-Aug-2011

Peak Oil Perceptions
The media ignores it and politicians avoid it like the plague, but research published in the American Journal of Public Health makes some surprising findings about who's concerned about peak oil and why. - 17-Aug-2011

How Electric Cars Can Pay For Themselves
We have to find a pragmatic way to close the price gap between gasoline and electric cars. What if we turned them into revenue generating assets while they just sit there 23 hours out of the day? - 18-Aug-2011

How to Get to $2 Gasoline Again
Here are eight policy recommendations for Representative Michele Bachman so that she can fulfill her campaign pledge to bring down the price of gasoline in America to under $2 a gallon again. - 22-Aug-2011

Costco Unplugs Chargers: Getting the Story Straight
Apparently a few folks think Costco's plans to remove its electric car charging stations is a blow to the EV revolution. Think again. - 23-Aug-2011

Who Approved This Mess?
Tampa, Florida is getting hundreds of electric car charging stations for FREE and some folks are upset about it. - 24-Aug-2011