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Revving Up for the Return of the RAV4 EV
A chance lunch encounter provides insight into Toyota's efforts to reintroduce the RAV4 EV electric SUV. - 19-May-2011

Electric Cars and 'Can't Do Spirit' of American Conservatives
Conservative columnist Ed Morrisey's own readers take him to task for his 'Folly' article on grid-charged electric cars. - 01-Jun-2011

New Nuclear Costs As Much As Solar PV Today
Two studies, one from the California Energy Commission, one from Versicherungsforen Leipzig make the case that new nuclear power will be uninsurable and as expensive in 2018 as solar is today. - 06-Jun-2011

This Is Not How To Rent An EV
You can rent an electric car from Hertz at Washington, D.C.'s Union Station, but first you have to find them. - 10-Jun-2011

Lightning Doesn't Strike at 2011 TT Zero
Lightning Motorcycle's Richard Hatfield shares the highs and lows from the TT Zero race on the Isle of Man, as his superbike runs out of juice short of the finish line. - 14-Jun-2011

Persecuting E-Bikes In New York City
The Big Apple allows electric-assist bikes on its streets, but some aren't that happy with the situation. - 15-Jun-2011

The Perfect Storm
The lights went out at 8:24 PM as hurricane force winds slammed into the Omaha metro area on the very day EV World's editor in chief is measuring his house for solar. - 21-Jun-2011

The E-Planes of Le Bourget
42 years ago, the stars of the Paris Air Show were the Concorde and 747. Today, they are a handful of electric airplanes, some little more than large crickets. - 26-Jun-2011

Autolib: The New French Connection
Construction to begin on world's first all-electric carshare system that initially will include 580 locations and 1600 Pinanfarina Bolloré BlueCars - 27-Jun-2011

Nebraska’s Nuclear Legacy and My Electric Car
Nebraska's two nuclear power stations find themselves besieged by a swollen river, but the flooding of 2011 isn't the state's first n-power crisis. - 04-Jul-2011