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Responding to the Triple Disasters in Japan
First there was the record 9.0 earthquake, then a 30-feet high tsunami and now the risk of a nuclear core meltdown. Here's what you can do to help. - 12-Mar-2011

Nail in Whose Coffin, Mr. Kenzie?
Is the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG the nail in the coffin of electric cars and their ilk? - 22-Mar-2011

White Tigers, Nuclear Power and an EV World
What do Seigfried and Roy have to do with the nuclear disaster in Japan or the production of Nissan's Leaf? More than you imagine. - 28-Mar-2011

Hummingbird Battery Passes Tests
German government tests verify DBM's battery claims: their converted Audi A2 could have driven from Munich to Berlin on a single charge. - 06-Apr-2011

Garage Fire? Blame It on the Volt!
"Two Chevy Volts Catch Fire in One Week!" screams Fox News. Or did the same Volt experience a fire-caused short in its damaged battery pack? - 19-Apr-2011

Crystal Balls and Black Swans
EV World's publisher, Bill Moore, polishes up his crystal ball and offers his perspective on where the world of electric vehicles is headed in 2011 and beyond. - 27-Apr-2011

Bass Boats and Personal Priorities
In 2008, American's bought some 200,000 recreational boats, spending an estimated $9.5 billion, but we can't seem to find the moral courage to buy an electric car. - 30-Apr-2011

Scare Tactic
A new UTC-funded report, costing $3,500 a copy, is nearly predicting the end of world when 2.6 million electric cars plug into the grid. - 03-May-2011

Time to Start the Osama bin Laden Investment Fund?
An open letter to what's left of al-Qaida and its allies. Here's a way to achieve your stated objective of driving the infidel out of the Middle East. Invest in electric vehicles. - 06-May-2011

You Can Buy a Lot of Gasoline...
It's an oft-heard criticism about the cost difference between an electric-drive car and a non-electric model, but is it a fair one, really? - 12-May-2011