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Dreams and the Future of Cruising
An EV World reader builds the world's greenest yacht and finds it and himself featured in the November issue of Yachting Monthly - 01-Nov-2010

Hyping Hype
Seems the media of late have taken a shine to kicking electric cars every chance they get, and accusing EV advocates of 'hyping' them. Really? - 03-Nov-2010

America: Banana Republic?
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof calls the United States a 'banana republic.' Turns out, after reading 'Open Veins of Latin America,' he may be right. - 07-Nov-2010

Buzzy Math
How in the world can you possibly conclude that powering the Volt with gasoline is cheaper than using electricity? - 10-Nov-2010

Surely George Will Really Isn't This Cosmically Myopic
First it was Limbaugh, now conservative columnist George Will steps up to bat to take a swing at the Chevy Volt, its creators, and the federal government. - 15-Nov-2010

Die Electric Car, Die!
National Post columnist David Grainger really has some issues with electric cars that are, unfortunately based on some serious misconceptions. - 20-Nov-2010

The Case for 'Electric Hybrids'
How about we make it easy on people just now taking an interest in electric vehicle? Let's dump all the confusing acronyms and call them what they are. - 23-Nov-2010

Doing Mr. Brunell's Homework For Him
The president of the Association of Washington Business seems to believe electric cars will pose problems for his state. - 09-Dec-2010

So, You Want An Electric Car?
A reader asked me what she needed to know before hiring someone to install a home charger. Here's the long version of my short reply. - 10-Dec-2010

China, Welcome to the Downside of Your Auto-Driven Economy
Imagine being stuck in a 75 mile-long traffic jam for nine days with 14,000 other motor vehicles. That happened in China this summer; and things are getting worse. - 12-Dec-2010