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Reflections on the Automotive X Prize
Three winners were announced today, but will they be remembered tomorrow? Did the Automotive X Prize achieve its objective and was that objective ambitious enough? - 16-Sep-2010

EV Roots: GE Comes Home
General Electric has decided to get back into the electric vehicle business a century after its founder introduced his then-revolutionary electric car battery. - 22-Sep-2010

Chevy Volt: PHEV 25?
OMG! The Volt may only get 25 miles of electric driving range? Welcome to planet earth. - 24-Sep-2010

Homes, Cars and Carbon Footprints
The 'Cliff Notes' version of Bill Moore's keynote address opening the 2010 Green Homes Tour in Omaha, Nebraska October 2, 2010. - 03-Oct-2010

When in Doubt, Doubt
The New York Times asked six experts "Will Electric Cars Finally Succeed?" and their opinions are fairly predictable, but I would waged not based on practical experience. - 08-Oct-2010

Who You Gonna Bet On?
By investing in electric cars are we risking throwing all our 'chips into a single basket' as an unnamed GLG Expert contributor warns? - 11-Oct-2010

LeBeau: In Praise of the Chevy Volt
NBC's Phil LeBeau sings the praises of the new Chevrolet Volt in this video recorded at the start of GM's media blitz. - 12-Oct-2010

U.S. Military Plan: Get Off Oil By 2040
80 percent of the U.S federal government's energy bill comes from the Department of Defense, and 77% of that is spent on petroleum. - 12-Oct-2010

Tempest in a Teapot
OMG! The Volt's 1.4 liter IC engine has a clutch that attaches to a planetary sun and ring gear system that drives the electric car's wheels. Surely, that disqualifies it as an electric car? - 13-Oct-2010

110.5 MPG
After driving LIVN GRN daily to and from work, we finally refueled it after more than two months. - 27-Oct-2010