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ESRA and a More Perfect Union
The 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution needs to hold corporate persons accountable for their crimes. - 03-Jul-2010

America's Lagging Automotive CO2 Goals
July 6, 2010 marked the day new carbon dioxide emissions rules for motor vehicles took effect in the United States, but they fall far short of comparable European goals. - 07-Jul-2010

The Passion and Confusion of 'Big' Ed Shultz
Popular progressive talk show host rants about the Chevy Volt and GM's timidity in building only 10,000 of them in 2011, essentially the same number Henry Ford built when he launched the Model T in 1908. - 07-Jul-2010

Lightning Strikes Twice!
Lightning Motorcycle founder Richard Hatfield stops by the Papillion, NE home of EV World for baked beans and hot dogs, bringing along his TTXGP dominating yellow race machine. - 16-Jul-2010

Let Acela Have Her Head
America is warming to notion of high-speed rail, and Amtrak's Acela service is a good start, but we need to make sure we let it live up to its true potential. - 20-Jul-2010

PICC's 40-Mile Plug-In Prius
Plug-in Conversions Corporation and the Ewert brothers have done it again; they've cracked the code and demonstrated a 2010 Prius with 40 miles of electric driving range. - 22-Jul-2010

When Electric Cars Go Viral
Gregg isn't your stereotypical 'greenie', but put him in a Porsche 914 electric car conversion, and the cigar-chomping real estate developer finds himself being transformed. - 27-Jul-2010

Imagining Volt v2.0
Now that we know how much the Chevy Volt will cost, it's time to consider what's in store for Version 2.0 - 27-Jul-2010

Rush Limbaugh: Expert on the Chevy Volt?
According to the Palm Beach pundit, the Chevolet Volt is the perfect example of socialist 'Central Planning,' this from a guy who believes only foreign cars are 'real cars.' - 31-Jul-2010

All Those Snobbish Tax Credits
Tax credits are woven into the fabric of the American economy. I'll bet even you have used them, so why the hypocritical hoots of derision over tax credits on the Volt? - 01-Aug-2010