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The Threat of Hacker Attacks
EV World's plug-in Prius was hacked, but for good reasons. What happens when hackers can attack any modern car? - 18-May-2010

We've NOT Come That Far, Baby
In 1908, an electric car entrepreneur set from Lincoln, Nebraska for New York City in one of the most advanced EVs of its time, reminding us how little real progress we've made, even today. - 20-May-2010

The Wringer Washer Vs. The Electric Car
Deloitte Consulting's Gaining Traction study on the mass adoption of electric cars likened them to washing machines, but did anyone bother to ask why it took so long for the wringer washer to disappear? - 23-May-2010

Electric Vehicles: Naughty or Nice?
Surely, driving 'green' doesn't mean you have to be a saint. - 26-May-2010

Oil Disaster Solutions Sitting on the Sidelines?
Even if BP shuts off the torrent of crude erupting from the seafloor today, the environmental damage has already been done. Here are two natural ways to begin to heal the Gulf Coast. - 29-May-2010

Electrified Pelotons?
Has electric propulsion secretly invaded the world of professional cycling? The cycling world is abuzz with speculation, but no one knows for certain. - 02-Jun-2010

If Only We Had Re-Elected Jimmy Carter
If only we'd been smart enough to continue down the path the 39th President had started us thirty years ago, 11 Louisiana roughnecks and 343 New York firefighters might still be alive. - 10-Jun-2010

The Future Cost of Driving on Sunlight
When Photon International calculated that you could drive a plug-in hybrid more than 3 million kilometers on the electric power produced by a hectare-sized field of solar panels, I asked at what cost? The answer may surprise you. - 19-Jun-2010

Chevy Volt: A Pinch of Parallel?
Speculation is running rampant that the Chevrolet Volt EREV is actually a secret parallel hybrid. Here's EV World's take on the topic. - 30-Jun-2010

Vandalism, Velib, and Electric Carsharing
If angry vandals can steal and destroy 80% of Paris' Velib bike-share vehicles, what will they do to its proposed Autolib carshare system? - 02-Jul-2010