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Who's Leading the EV World Race?
If the rush to introduce electric cars is compared to a horse race, which country -- not company -- do you think leads the race at the moment? That's what Chris Paine would like to know. So, would I. - 09-Apr-2010

Toyota Sustainable Mobility Seminar 2010
Bill Moore's running commentary on 2010 seminar in San Diego. Update 4: Closing thoughts on today's proceedings. - 12-Apr-2010

Of Front-loading Washing Machines and the Aptera 2e
What does the Aptera 2e have in common with front-loading washers and dryers? More than you might imagine, Strategic Visions speculates. - 16-Apr-2010

My Earth Day 'Insight'
It's funny how a little silver gray automobile can bring people together on the eve of Earth Day in Washington, D.C. - 22-Apr-2010

Buttonholing Ben
EV World publisher Bill Moore buttonholes U.S. Senator Ben Nelson at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. - 23-Apr-2010

The Doubly Dead Zone
Between hypoxia and oil spills, the Gulf of Mexico and the residents along its shores are about to be handed the mother of environmental disasters. - 30-Apr-2010

Drill Baby, Drill!
Sarah Palin wasn't wrong. She just has her energy resources confused. We should be drilling for hot rocks, not oil. - 04-May-2010

Anxiety, Bias and Battery Cars
If you take this Times of London report at face value, you'd think people are scared silly about driving electric cars. - 11-May-2010

Corporate Welfare Wagons
Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins calls the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF 'welfare wagons.' Oh really? - 12-May-2010

Recharge Plug-In Prius With Gasoline? Why?
We can recharge our Plug In Conversion Corp. Prius while driving, but for us, it just doesn't make sense to do so. - 16-May-2010