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Drop, and give me fifty, Mr. President
Michael Moore's open letter to the President pretty much expresses the frustration many Americans are feeling right now, including yours truly. - 06-Mar-2010

POD: EVs and the Lost Decade
Modern print-on-demand enables EV World's publisher to bypass the traditional gatekeepers of the book publishing industry and offer his collection of "musing, observations and reports from the world of electric vehicles" in both paperback and E-book formats. - 12-Mar-2010

HMK 561 and Reinventing the Corporation
How do you take a well-worn concept, the bicycle -- or the corporation -- and rethink it so that both work more effectively? - 15-Mar-2010

Drive Green: What's That Mean?
Here's a preview of what EV World's Bill Moore is going to talk about at Dana College's 2nd Annual Sustainable Enterprise Conference this month. - 17-Mar-2010

Iceland: Volcanic Power For Sale
Iceland owes more than five times its national GDP and selling its renewable energy to Europe via a 900 km submarine cable is gaining traction. - 21-Mar-2010

Sailing Back Into the Future?
Will the 21st century see a rebirth of the 'Age of Sail' as mankind moves beyond the age of oil. Probably, but not in the way we might imagine. - 25-Mar-2010

Do Tax Incentives Hike the Price of Plug-In Cars?
If you knew the government was going to subsidize consumer purchases of plug-in car, wouldn't you, as a car maker, be tempted to take advantage of that? - 26-Mar-2010

Three Ways To Improve the Chevy Cruze Eco
GM Claims the 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco offers 'hybrid-like' performance without the cost, but I think it can be made even better for less than $1,000. - 30-Mar-2010

Of Luxury Golf Cars and Africa's Future
This golf car has its own refrigerator, hand-stitched leather seats and custom paint job and you won't guess how much it costs. - 02-Apr-2010

Jesus and the Human Journey
The sermon on the mount wasn't just about beatitudes, but also creative, non-violent political activism in the cause of a social revolution to perfect the human race. - 03-Apr-2010