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It's Time to Face Facts: The Petroleum-fueled Car Has Its Limits
Canadian columnist David Booth doesn't think much of electric cars, but has he examined his own fossil-fuel burner lately? - 29-Jan-2010

Go Electric Mail: Some Thoughts On Electrifying the U.S. Postal Fleet.
HR 4933 wants to spend up to $2 billion dollars to begin the process of modernizing and electrifying America's aging fleet of postal delivery vehicles. Here's why and how we might do it. - 04-Feb-2010

2010 Prius Brakes : The 10-Minute Fix
Fixing the ABS brake system on the 2010 Prius involves a simple software upgrade, reports Toyota's Mike Michels. - 10-Feb-2010

LB 1100 : Key to a New Transportation Paradigm in Nebraska
On February 22nd, the Nebraska legislature's transportation committee will hold public hearings on LB 1100. Here's why it needs to be made law. - 11-Feb-2010

A Solar Tractor for Urban Agriculture
You can help Steve Heckeroth win $50,000 to commercialize his solar electric garden tractor and learn a bit about urban agriculture, the next 'new' wave. - 11-Feb-2010

Why Low-Speed Vehicles Signal A Shift in Public Attitudes
It might not be legal to drive golf cars on public roads in Nebraska, but Sand Hills citizens in the state's rural west are doing it anyway, so it's time to make neighborhood electric vehicles and golf cars legal. - 17-Feb-2010

Th!nk's Dutch Uncle
The Dutch city of Amsterdam is offering some very enticing grants to encourage people to 'go electric'; and that's good news for Th!nk. - 17-Feb-2010

Mobility in the World of $200 Oil
What will be your transportation options when oil hits $200 barrel sometime in the next decade? - 19-Feb-2010

Mondragón: The Model For A Vibrant New Economy
Ask yourself, how does a community of 23,000 population generate the equivalent of $32 billion in revenues while eliminating unemployment and providing healthcare for all? Meet the Mondragón economic model. - 21-Feb-2010

Powering Transportation with the Sun
Inspired by my meeting with three fellow Germans in a local pub, here's 'moore' back-of-the-beer-napkin math on how to use sunlight to power transportation. - 02-Mar-2010