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So Sorry, But EV Distance Record Remains Unbroken
The Japan EV Club just drove a record -- for Japan -- 345 miles from Tokyo to Osaka on a single charge, but they still haven't come close to beating Jim Worden's 1995 run. - 06-Dec-2009

Will the Real 'Green Car of the Year' Please Stand Up?
While the Audi A3 TDI won the coveted "Green Car of the Year" award, a more serious contender for the title was ignored even though its CO2 emissions are half that of the A3. - 06-Dec-2009

Where's An Electric Snowmobile When You Need One?
Someday snowmobiling will finally have a machine as virgin white and peacefully silent as the pristine environment into which their owners venture each winter. - 08-Dec-2009

Mr. Darling Gives EVs A Break, As in Tax Break
Britain's Finance Minister is proposing two significant tax incentives for companies to convert their fleets from petrol to electric drive. - 11-Dec-2009

Could Your City Be An E-Lympian?
If the Electrification Roadmap isn't to become just another well-intentioned blue sky exercise, it needs to move beyond mere proposals to practical implementation starting with finding the right cities to incubate it. - 12-Dec-2009

Is There A Market for Electric Motorcycle Conversion Kits?
My wife might not let me own an electric motorcycle, not at "my age," but she didn't say I couldn't sell fun, fast conversion kits. - 13-Dec-2009

Eureka! Hydrogen Generators Actually Work... Some of Them.
Dan Lutz put a hydrogen generator on his own truck and saw its fuel economy jump 57%. Now he's got them on Beloit's city fleet and even on a U of Wisconsin Vespa motorscooter. - 15-Dec-2009

From Model Ts to PHEVs: The Long Road to Global Impact
Much is made of the National Research Council's report on the future impact of plug-in hybrid vehicles: their economic costs and environmental implications. Here's my take on their findings. - 19-Dec-2009

Electric Vehicles At Work: Fulda, Germany
Der Bringer takes personal shopping services to the next level, an electrically-powered one with the Reva-i electric car. - 21-Dec-2009

Wuhan-Guangzhou Express: HSR on a Truly Grand Scale
The Chinese people have every right to be proud of their new high-speed rail line, one of many more to come in the largest construction project of its type on the planet. - 28-Dec-2009