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PG&E's Kleptomaniac Smart Meters
Smart Meters might not be ready for prime time if the cases of utility customers in Bakersfield, CA is any guide. - 13-Nov-2009

Myers NMG2: Now We're Talking Seriously Sensible Commuting
It's been more than a decade since the original "Sparrow" was launched, but now Dana Myers and company have taken the concept of smart commuting to the next level. - 14-Nov-2009

Dutch Treat: Pay-As-You-Drive Taxation Proposed
If the Dutch approve the plan, car owners will no longer be taxed on their vehicle purchases and registrations, but when and how far they drive. - 18-Nov-2009

How We're Getting Off Oil
I sold my 60 mpg Honda Insight for a 12 mpg Chevy S10, and I'll actually use less petroleum as a result. - 22-Nov-2009

Kiss the American Auto Industry Goodnight
The Heritage Foundation contends the implementation of the EPA's 35 mpg fuel economy regulation will result in smaller, less safe cars and trucks. - 24-Nov-2009

The Lower Priced Electric Car Conundrum
Consumer electronics have steadily come down in price while improving in performance. Can the auto industry do the same with 21st century electric cars? - 27-Nov-2009

Of Rats and Road Rage
Cairo University researcher Amal Kinawy studied the effects of gasoline vapor inhalation in rats and concluded they exhibited increased aggression, but what does her research really say? - 28-Nov-2009

Digital Warfare: What The Competition Can Learn From General Motors
No other carmaker anywhere on the planet has brought to bear so many digital weapons in the public relations and marketing war. - 29-Nov-2009

LA Auto Show: Electric Car Manufacturers Press Conference
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger leads press conference featuring nine automakers introducing their state-of-the-art electric-drive vehicles. - 02-Dec-2009

Making the Case for 'Electric First'
A lot of people are still confused about what a plug-in hybrid is, many asking what happens when the car runs out of "juice." Simply tell them the car has two ranges: hundreds of miles on fuel and dozens in 'Electric First.' - 04-Dec-2009