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Where to Put That Plug?
Purely by chance, we found what we think is the ideal place for a plug to charge our plug-in Prius: on the ceiling, sharing the outlet with the garage door motor. - 01-Nov-2009

How to Power the Plug
Do you know the difference between single-phase and three-phase 240V? I don't, but Mike Harrigan and others jumped in to set the record straight for us all. - 03-Nov-2009

Peugeot VLV Reincarnate?
Peugeot called it the Voiture Legere de Ville or Light City Car, and in 1942 it presaged a similar electric car being built today by Aptera, but with a far less romantic sounding name: 2e. - 04-Nov-2009

The Missing Electric-Drive Vehicles From Chrysler's Product Plan
Chrysler's new CEO and his executive team reveal a plan that counts heavily on smaller, more fuel efficient gasoline and diesel engine models, but no electric-drive vehicles. - 04-Nov-2009

Nuclear Gold Mine or Shaft?
If the nuclear industry enjoys a 'renaissance' it will be at the economic expense of everyone but the lobbyists and foreign contractors. - 05-Nov-2009

One Month With Our Plug-In Prius
EV World's publisher and his wife have had their plug-in Prius a month now. Here's what they've learned. - 06-Nov-2009

Electric Flight Continues to Spread Its Wings
Solar Impulse rolls out to test its motors, while in Slovenia a father-son team of champion sailplane pilots develop their battery electric flight sustainer for the LAK17A. - 08-Nov-2009

Coulomb Comes to Omaha
Coulomb Technologies' Scott Saffian and Anne McCollister, along with Carbon Day's Brian Levin come to Omaha to help prepare to someday soon join the EV world. - 11-Nov-2009

Is a Prius Really Cleaner Than an Electric Car?
Britain's Environmental Transportation Association has warned that electric cars could result in the burning of more coal and use of nuclear power, but are they actually 'dirtier' than gasoline-hybrids? - 12-Nov-2009

Keeping Track of My Plug-in Prius' Battery Pack
Want a glimpse of what the future plug-in hybrid driver is going to see when driving their car? Here's what EV World's PICC Prius - 13-Nov-2009