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Green Tech Automotive?
Apart from a nasty and very public feud between two Chinese businessmen, we know very little about the company that just broke ground yesterday on an electric car plant in Mississippi. - 07-Oct-2009

30-Minute Hydrogen Refuel Revisited
When I challenged Terry Tamminen's claim to have refueled his hydrogen car in 7 minutes time, I was basing it on outmoded technology, Keith Wipke tells me. - 07-Oct-2009

Plug-In Pricing: The Real Numbers
Nearly all of the new plug-in hybrids we're hearing about are being priced well north of $40K, but is that what you'll pay when all is said and done? - 07-Oct-2009

Nissan Land Glider: A 21st Century Electric Commuter
Video montage highlights the features of Nissan's latest electric concept car to debut at 2009 Tokyo International Auto Show. - 09-Oct-2009

A Plug In Hybrid Conversion: Step By Step
If you're curious about how Plug In Conversions Corporation converts a stock second generation Prius into a plug-in hybrid, here's what EV World observed. - 11-Oct-2009

Return of the Legend
60 million Honda Super Cubs have been built worldwide since its introduction in 1958. Now an electric version could revolutionize our EV World. - 18-Oct-2009

My Dirty, Coal-Powered Plug-in Prius?
Is our plug-in Prius making the environment worse, as a new NRC report suggests? I whip out my pencil and do the math. - 22-Oct-2009

Prowling Detroit Late At Night In A Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford loans me a 2010 Fusion Hybrid for an all-too-short test drive around downtown Motor City. - 24-Oct-2009

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due
Australia's leading scientific research organization, in partnership with Victoria's leading electric power distributor just fielded their first plug-in Prius; they just happen to have forgotten to mention who made it possible. - 29-Oct-2009

Golf Cars Do NOT Qualify for Tax Credit, NEVs Do!
The Wall Street Journal and Fox News have railed against the tax credit for golf cars, only trouble is, there isn't any. - 29-Oct-2009