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The EV Business Grows Up
Three interlocking events, two of them lawsuits and one a green tech IPO, would suggest that the electric car business is entering adulthood. - 23-Sep-2009

Of Dysprosium, Neodymium and Other Wrinkles
More than 40 electric cars debuted in Frankfurt, a clear indication that we're on the road towards an EV World, but bumps, potholes and potential detours still lie ahead. - 27-Sep-2009

Lithium From A Canadian Perspective
Canadian Lithium Corp's Kerry Knoll discusses at PHEV'09 the prospects for lithium production as the auto industry moves to introduce electric cars requiring this lightest of all metals. - 28-Sep-2009

The Most Expensive Car on the Block
He owns Toronto Electric, manufacturers of industrial cranes and electric motors. And now, after two years development, he also owns one of the neatest little EVs this side of the Canadian-U.S. border. - 28-Sep-2009

Canadian Healthcare and Electric Cars
The Canadian healthcare system didn't happen by fiat, it had to be fought for and the man leading the fight was a Saskatchewan minister turned politician. - 30-Sep-2009

Plug-ins In Winter
What can we expect from future plug-in hybrids when the thermometer drops below zero? The Canadians have a good idea and have prepared for it. - 01-Oct-2009

Nissan Reportedly Pricing Electric Car Comparable to Honda Accord
Nissan just held their kick-off event in Seattle to pre-launch the introduction of their LEAF all-electric car and when pressed gave a price bracket that sounds compelling. - 02-Oct-2009

The 500 Mile Electric Car Battery
IBM missed the boat on personal computers. It appears they don't plan to make that same mistake twice when it comes to a super battery for electric cars. - 03-Oct-2009

White House Issues Executive Order to Conserve Energy and Resources
The White House executive order seeks to establish federal leadership in environmental, energy and economic performance, including the purchase of electric-drive vehicles. - 06-Oct-2009

Honda's 'Go Slow' Electric Car Initiative
Honda is building an electric car that someday will be introduced into North America in order to help it meet tightening U.S. emission and fuel economy standards. - 06-Oct-2009