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BMW: From F1 to the Future
The Vision Efficientdynamics Concept can accelerate like an M3 and sip fuel like a Prius, while offering 31 miles of electric-only driving range. - 08-Sep-2009

Coda: The 'Non-Elitist' Electric Car?
Since when does a $45,000 all-electric car qualify as "mainstream", asks EV World's publisher? - 09-Sep-2009

Americans Uncomfortable with Small
In Motorist Choice Awards polling, released last month, 106 of the top 107 were large cars. - 10-Sep-2009

Will 48% of Us Really Buy a Plug-in Car?
What we aspire to often widely diverges from what we actually can and will do, which can lead to misinterpretations of the public pulse. - 12-Sep-2009

Hypermiling Without a Hybrid
Careful, patience driving can produce fuel economy numbers as good, and sometimes significantly better than a hybrid. - 13-Sep-2009

It's a Twizy!
Video of the newly debuted Renault Twizy ZE that could be destined for integration into Paris' electric car share program. - 15-Sep-2009

A Day In the Life of a Better Place Electric Car
In this newly released video, Better Place and Renault use live action and slick computer animation to create an EV World in its image. - 15-Sep-2009

What Does Toyota Know That Nissan Doesn't?
Toyota's plug-in Prius prototypes use lithium-ion batteries, but the company is less than sanguine about the situation. - 16-Sep-2009

Trio of Trailers With A Message
These movie trailers feature films with a message that will resonate with EV World readers. - 17-Sep-2009

What's With 2012?
All kinds of things are forecast to happen in 2012, especially in our EV World when it comes to new electric car introductions, but is something else driving this convergence besides sheer coincidence? - 21-Sep-2009