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Why Businesses Win by Investing in Hybrid Vehicles
Justin Ashton, the co-founder and vice president of business development at XL Hybrid considers the hybrid-electric drive system Return-On-Investment for commercial enterprises. - 01-Aug-2013

Tesla Versus Texas
Car dealerships are spending millions to prevent Tesla from selling its award-winning electric cars directly to customers and Texas has become a key battle ground. - 02-Dec-2013

Drivers and Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption
Fuel economy is the biggest single enticement to owning an electric vehicle, but high sticker prices are the key barrier, survey finds. - 03-Dec-2013

A Golabki* Too Far
An out-of-town trip to buy some Polish food becomes a lesson in better planning and the need for more fast chargers for the author of 'V2G-101' - 03-Dec-2013

Reviewing the 2013 LA Auto Show
EV World correspondent Noel Adams jogs between all the press conferences to cover as much of the annual Los Angeles Auto Show as humanly possible. Here's part one of his report. - 09-Dec-2013

Drivers and Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption - Part II
Governments offer various incentives to help encourage the up take of electric vehicles, but a key one is missing: one that addresses range anxiety. - 09-Dec-2013

2013 LA Auto Show Wrap Up
EV World correspondent Noel Adams finds a combination of electric car progress and SUV backsliding at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. - 17-Dec-2013

The M-BEAM Challenge
A team of California EV enthusiasts plan to cross the U.S. from San Diego to the coast of South Carolina in their converted VW Golf in under 60 hours. Here's how they plan to do it. - 29-Dec-2013

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