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When Devolution Goes Wrong
The mantra of the new Bush Administration is power to the States, but when it comes to the environment, the President need look no further than our northern neighbor for what can go wrong when enviromental stewardship is left to local government. - 27-Jan-2001

Putting the Power in E-Scooters
When EV World correspondent Eric Feron found the performance of some electric motor scooters in Europe disappointing, the vice president for worldwide marketing and sales for nickel-zinc battery maker Evercel had to respond. The Lepton electric motor scooter is pictured at the right. - 27-Jan-2001

California Moves On
Like any good compromise, this week's decisions by California's Air Resource Board sought to balance the concerns of consumers, carmakers and air quality. One beneficiary of CARB's 4% ZEV quota may well be the Parade (pictured at the right), a 4-passenger battery electric car which its Korean designers say will cost about $20,000 in production. - 28-Jan-2001

A Christmas Car - Part 2
Scrooge continues his terrifying journey through time in Lee Hart's classic retelling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. - 28-Jan-2001

Where EVs Dare
When the owner of a brand-spanking new Honda Insight owner joins other electric and hybrid car owners at LA gathering, she discovers it's another Honda, an all-electric one, that impresses her most. - 17-Jan-2001

California's Dreaming
Carmakers argue that forcing them to sell EVs in California is stupid given the state's shortage of electricity. So, here's a couple suggestions on how carmakers could avoid the mandate and help the state at the same time. - 23-Jan-2001

Why Hybrids Must Succeed - Part 1
In the future two things are certain; people will want to travel more and as a consequence auto emissions will continue to rise. Dealing with these two forces will necessitate new transportation technology like the prototype 'lite-hybrid' starter generator displayed at right and is beginning to find its way into European sedans this year. - 11-Feb-2001

Return of the Station Car
A handful of San Francisco Bay area commuters and tourists are participating in the rebirth of a good idea, the station car, equipped with both gasoline vehicles and the Th!nk city like the one pictured at the right. - 11-Feb-2001

Advanced Batteries for Electric Bikes and Scooters
The shift of cellphones and laptop computers away from NiMH to lithium ion batteries is bringing prices on NiMH batteries, making them more affordable for electric bicycles. - 11-Feb-2001

Capstone Establishes Strong Presence In Heavy Hybrid Market
Capstone's 30kW microturbine engine (pictured at the right) recently received CARB certification. It's successor, a 60kW model is expected to meet 2007 heavy engine emissions rules. - 17-Feb-2001

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