Pipistrel Alpha Electro flight trainer will be built at new production facility near Nanjing, China

Pipistrel Goes to Asia

Source: EV Worldwire

Slovenian aircraft company Pipistrel signs accord to build two of its aircraft outside Nanjing, China with sales destined for some eleven countries in the region, including China.

Volkswagen MOIA ride share electric shuttle prototype

Volkswagen Explores World of Shared Shuttles

Source: EV Worldwire

VW isn't just counting on rolling out 80 all-electric models by 2025 to deal with the emerging electric vehicle revolution. It's also preparing for a shift away from car ownership through it MOIA startup.

PSA Group EU LIVE Extended Range Electric Vehicle

PSA Group Unveils Personal PHEV

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Most of us who drive cars do so with three or more empty seats. Those empty seats take up a lot of space on our streets and roads. France's PSA Group has one possible answer to this conundrum: a personal-sized plug-in electric hybrid

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EV, eVTOL and the Flying Car - The Bigger Picture

By Ralph Panhuyzen

First of all, have you ever, while stuck in traffic, looked upwards and thought: now there's enough space to get me where I need to be? Secondly, have you ever speculated: if my electric car would not weigh 20-30 times as much as I do, it could do with a lot lighter battery pack? Range would be better too. The curious thing is that established OEMs are slow to respond. The good thing is: now 'others' can step up to the plate. Since 1. and 2. are pretty much related, there's an interesting window of opportunity to act upon them simultaneously. What you're about to read, may be seen as nothing less than an industrial strategy.