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Ukranian-developed Synchronous electric car prototype

Ukrainian EV Sets Sights on Electric Taxi Market

Constructed of wood, leather, and Bakelite, this EV sounds more like a Victoria-era carriage than 21st century electric car.

It's a sad commentary that much of what we know about the Ukraine centers on its violent civil war, including the downing of MH 17, and its disastrous Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown, the 30th anniversary of which recently passed.

But there is good news that also comes out of its fertile soil, intellectually, creatively, as ...

DLR's HY4 hydrogen four-place e-plane

Fuel Cell E-Plane Flight Planned Summer 2016

German researchers are planning to test fly a fuel cell-powered electric airplane.

Researchers at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt; DLR) are planning for the maiden flight this year of the HY4 hydrogen fuel cell aircraft based on Pipistrel's G4 Green Flight Challenge.

Instead of relying entirely on battery power as did the original G4, DLR has tested a hydrogen fuel cell to ge...

Volvo XC90 T8 electric hybrid may not be living up to its claims

Volvo Being Investigated for EV-Range Claims

Volvo's XC90 T8 electric hybrid is supposed to get nearly 25-miles in EV-only mode.

First it was Volkswagen and its "dieselgate" scandal. Then there was Mitsubishi also caught falsifying its mileage numbers. Now along comes Volvo and its seven-passenger XC90 'plug-in' SUV.

The law firm of Keller Rohrback L.L.P. says they are investigating complaints by owners that the electric hybrid, which is supposed to get upw...

Mikael Kjellman demonstrates his PodRide during long, cold Swedish winter.

PodRide Blends Car-Like Function with Bike-Like Ride

Swedish mechanical engineer develops blend between resource-intensive automobile and environmentally-responsible bicycle.

How do you get around in wintery Sweden on a bicycle? Not easily nor comfortably. That problem posed both a challenge and opportunity for Mikael Kjellman, a mechanical engineer who lives in Ostersund, some 350 miles north of Stockholm. So he invented PodRide, one of the more practical velomobiles EV World's seen.

Your basic velom...

LeEco debuts its self-driving, all-electric car

China's LeEco Introduces Its Self-Driving Tesla Competitor

LeSee electric car also offers autonomous driving capability along with futuristic styling.

Jia Yueting might be considered both the Steve Jobs and the Elon Musk of China all rolled into one. He made his fortune on the Internet and with mobile devices through his company, formerly called LeTV. Now called LeEco, his company just debuted in Beijing their first cloud-connected, self-driving electric car, the LeSee, pictured above wit...

2017 Honda Clarity will offer three types of electric-drive systems

Honda Clarity: Trio of E-Drive Options

Honda plans to offer customers a choice in power systems for its Clarity model line-up.

While it seems pretty obvious that at least 400,000 people worldwide are serious about buying a battery-powered Tesla Model 3, the large, long-established OEMs aren't yet convinced that electro-chemical batteries are the future of auto tech. They are hedging their bets: GM offering both the Volt electric hybrid and the Bolt, pure electric car...

a d v e r t i s e r
a d v e r t i s e r

Unofficial, Fan-Produced Spot Pays Tribute to Nicola Tesla and Tesla Motors.

The Friese Brothers produced this unofficial post-apocalypse paean to Tesla Motors and the Model S.

Formula E ePrix Paris, France

April 23, 2016 ePrix takes to the streets of central Paris, France in this nearly five-minute long highlights video.

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Is Our Situation Dire, or is it Over

By John Gilkison

How some Near Tern Human Extinction people are saying there is nothing we can do to fix the predicament we are in so we should stop trying. In this blog I am pointing how from a cost point of view alone we should not abandon the quest to switch to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reducing our impact on the planet even if it will not make a difference in the end. Besides there is a philosophical component to at least acting like or trying to be a man even in our last hours.

It looks like “Abrupt Climate Change” has started kicking in with a vengeance in the last few years, but especially in 2016. On a television show originally aired in October of 2014 called the Newsroom, which is a dramatization of the news business they portrayed a newscaster interviewing a climate scientist who proclaimed our collective situation ...

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What An EV World Weekend!

By Bill Moore

While a 'gaggle' of open-wheel race cars are careening about the streets of central Paris, a solo pilot soars alone over the Pacific in a four-engined airplane; and what they all have in common is they all are battery-powered.

What an amazing weekend in our emerging EV world. While my wife and I were sprucing up our home with new greenery, some 4,500 miles away, Formula E, the FIA-sanctioned open wheel electric car racing series, took to the streets of Paris, France, testing and pushing the latest in EV propulsion technology.

Eighteen low-slung, all-electric r...

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